September, 2015

Prescott Sportsman’s Club finds a place to call home:

The Prescott Sportsman’s Club recently purchased land to use for outdoor activities and for a 

future gathering place and learning center for the community.  This marks an important 

milestone for the club, and it was reached seven years after the organization was established.  

The 40 acre parcel is located two miles east of Prescott.

The purchase has created excitement for current club members and an opportunity for new 

members who would like to be a part of the planning process for land use and building design.  

The club is forming a land development committee to look at options for both short and long 

term use of the land. Committee chair Bill Hovel offered an invitation for anyone interested to 

attend a meeting, noting that “it’s a perfect time for new members to come on board. The 

enthusiasm about the potential uses for this land from current members is contagious and 

having new members be a part of it will increase that enthusiasm and add more ideas to the 

development of it.”  Club president Troy Cleasby added that he sees this as a time of growth for 

the organization, both in membership and activities.  

The Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the American Legion Hall 

in Prescott (710 Pearl Street).  Interested individuals are encouraged to drop in for a meeting, 

email, check out the Facebook page (search for “Prescott 

Sportsman’s Club”) or contact Jesse Biscoe at 406‐254‐1516 for more information.